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  • Richard P Richard P Mar 19, 2008 05:01 Flag


    Fans of some clubs, maybe of the red persuasion might claim that money spent on transfers has nothing to do with expectations of their team regarding every competition they play in but I argue that it is one of the main factors in determining much of what is expected of a club and their results.

    I think I am right in saying over the last 5 years Everton have a net spend after deductions raised from player sales of 29 m. For Liverpool that figure is around 110 m.

    I argue that that shows Moyes has done a really good job on the whole with his signings, probably one of the biggest indicators of this is that has got real value for money and has got the most out of a lot of players on the books.

    To be fifth with a handful of games to go and on Sunday I believe we will be joint fourth again must surely show that he is one of the best managers to be doing so well against clubs above him who have much bigger budgets than he has at the moment. In my opinion money is the key to success in the game both domestically and continentally but that success comes with a brilliant manager too and many other factors added into the mix