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  • duncan t duncan t May 6, 2008 22:48 Flag

    effing typical.


    the new RS piss pit is approved no sweat, on land donated to the city of liverpool on the condition it remained "green", i.e. a park. no probs no questions asked (apart from "is your arse clean enough sir's? do you want it licked some more ? maybe more public money for you sir's ?)

    and now it comes to Everton's stadium to get the go ahead and everythings "whoa there, wait a minute, we dont want to give you any Liverpool city council land at all, or any public money or incentive to stay within the council borders etc etc. but you CAN'T move to kirkby, it's the law."

    talk about one rule for one and another rule for the others.

    the sooner we get into kirkby the better. FOOK liverpool city council and the other council cronies.

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