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  • Tim Tim May 20, 2008 19:44 Flag

    What do you reckon you need...

    I'm not a Toffee myself, but clearly what Everton need to get fourth (again) is a squad that stays fit and - much more importantly - to have their games refereed competantly. They really were robbed last season by some absolutely abysmal officiating.

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    • I'm not a great ..they have got it in for us person.. we all use the same referees and despite occasionally bad decisions i believe most fans would say their team is badly dealt with. 20Mill plus players like renaldo and Rooney make the difference. We have our scholes and giggs at everton but lack the best like Renaldo to top it off.

    • Lets not be Naive. What the four top teams have got and no one else has is financial clout from multi millionaires/billionaires. That and a good manager. Everton have one of the best in the premier league, astute and good with the cash hes got. We need a takeover to progress as do all the other clubs. Its not clever its just business.

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      • I agree with Tim in that we need games properly refereed and to that point officiated because from observing games live and on the box its apparent that the other officials are having more of an impact on the major decisions in games.
        It was interesting to read in 'Nuts' magazine from comments from a professional ref that we would have finished fourth if the correct decisions had been made.
        I won't use the Goodison match against Liverpool as an excuse because we still had a brilliant season but that was one match that particularly stands out in my mind as where the team deserved the 3 points and a point at the least but where they were defeated by other forces!
        If you look back at our previous fourth place finish I think I can argue that we don't need a massive spending spree to enable us to finish fourth rather that we need the money spent in the right areas to improve the team and squad size.
        In an ideal world this summer we would see 8-10 players arriving with maybe only one more departure, Van Der Meyde.
        That action would address the shortage in players we have to play probably 60-70 games again next season but in my view in that 8 or 10 we need a right back, a striker and 2 creative midfielders, plus to replace Carsley we need someone who could carry on doing the job he has been doing for the last 5or6 seasons.
        It goes without saying that the specific positions I have mentioned need to be better than what we have already got as to who could fill those positions in the first 11.