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  • Philo Philo Jun 18, 2008 18:10 Flag

    Transfer market

    There has been quite a trade between Everton and Bham o ver the years pickering latchford etc. My dad , born in Everton 1912 grew up with Dixie Dean and co and moved down to Bham in the Depression of the 30 s looking for work. He always told me he would buy me a bike when Bham won the league or the cup. He died 30 years ago, still no bike. I think Bham will bounce back though if they can get proper commited financial backing.

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    • signing players the quality of carsley and mcfadden I think will play a huge part in Brum getting promoted again.
      Carsley may have been 35, I think I am right in saying that but in my view he played just as well last season as he had done for the last 4or 5. So if the quality is still there I think we should have hung onto him, given him 2yr contract, what does it matter if he's still producing the goods.
      And Jimmy Mac, I think him and moyes just didn't agree and it is the mgr's perogative to get rid of players he doesn't want.
      After all, I strongly believe Moyes is the main man behind our resurgence in the last 5 or 6 yrs and behind Lee's form, cos he was a Walter Smith signing remember.
      In fact the only thing missing from Carsley's game the last 2 yrs has been a screamer from 20yrds in the Derby!!
      And no mate, we have a lot of diamonds at Everton but I sincerely hope they are all staying put!