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  • John John Jul 21, 2008 23:23 Flag

    No Signings?

    Why not? Where have DM's dreams of being in the top four gone?

    I know AFC are slated for not spending the cash we have or haven't got (depending on which camp you're in), but what do EFC fans think at this point of the transfer market?

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    • What a silly question John.

      It's not as if gollum hasn't tried........ffs look at Gilberto...he picked some backward club in a remote part of the world over the #$%$.........


      ...........SLAP SLAP

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      • Did we really try to get gilberto or was it just paper talk???? I think I know the answer to that myself, if all the paper stories happened, each club in the Premier would probably have sold all their existing squads in return for 20 new players!!
        It is the same every summer.
        have patience, its obvious moyes keeps his cards close to his chest about transfers and the blues aint gonna actually tell the papers what they are planning are they.
        I can see moyes getting his 5 or 6 or even 7 new players in and us finishing 4th next season after he buys the right players for his preferred formation.
        If he wasn't able to fund those transfers I don't think he would be close to finalising his new contract, in fact I think he would be considering leaving and not strengthening the team at all cos what would be the point for him