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  • sideshow sideshow Jul 24, 2008 00:30 Flag

    .....this is the season.....

    When Everton once again flirt with relegation, getting back to normality after a brief dalliance with the mid to uper reaches of the table.

    When Tim Cahill finally realises that a corner flag can't fight back, never mind that his lack of goals is going to lead him to start fights with the rest of the dressing room when his frustration at poor form and lack of a mock punchbag will overspill, and the fat lazy Yak will put him out for the season after sitting on him to subdue him.

    When Phil Neville finally realises that after years of not really getting a good run of games for United it was because he is/was #$%$, and that his brother was paying his wages via fergie to keep him sweet after feeling guilty for getting what looks there were in the family (of which there weren't many)

    When Moyes will recall those days at title chasing Preston and remember what it was like to genuinely have a chance of silverware. That a manager;s success can only really be defined in trophies, and his side can't even compete for a fair play award, whilst in the same city another manager has a CL, and FA Cup trophy, plus a losing CL finalist medal (Moyes can't imagine even getting a losing finalist medal thats how poor you are) tucked away nicely on his CV.

    Sean........it wouldn't be so bad if some of this was made up, but its all basically fact! Face it.....LFC #$%$ on you lot!

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