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  • A Yahoo! User Aug 17, 2008 05:51 Flag

    great start/exit yet again..!

    ...deluded LOSERS!!! pathetic

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    • "your dislike for liverpool is clearly more passinate than your support of everton" .

      Mike, Mike .... I immediately visualized kettles and pots of the black variety. And where did you copy and paste the rest of that post from? Your attempts at written articulation and grammar (I can forgive the odd typo) are quite comical but I shouldn't be picky against the illiterate.

      Looking at Sean's link to your past posts I have to bring up this ill informed classic from a thread entitled "no one wants to play for you ?" (why the question mark ?) whick contained the line ".....ateta wants to leave cause the....".
      Maybe he does want to leave but this was dated 11th July 2005.

      Bitter? What reason have we to be bitter?

    • Time to discuss adult points of view I think Mike as you put it earlier on after announcing after one game in and the bitterness has set in.

      Far from it, as Moyes prepares to buy in 6 or 7 players ( Hmmm who would I trust more with 30m to spend on players, Moyes or Rafa? Moyes, Moyes, Moyes, Moyes.....), it seems like one game in and the respect for refs campaign has gone completely. From the minds of players and your manager, as witnessed by the Daily Express. Berating of officials etc etc.

      Sounds terribly familiar

    • your dislike for liverpool is clearly more passinate than your support of everton.i will try my upmost to make sense to people and usually i find the ones who dont,tend to be academicly challenged.your manic obsession with your blind and unfounded hatred of liverpool fc makes it clear you are indeed disturbingly mentaly challenged.