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  • Cottee fan Cottee fan Sep 6, 2008 05:21 Flag

    moyes in newcastle` sights

    Even after the trouble Moyes has had with the board over the summer transfers I can't see why he'd leave to work under the same conditions Keegan had to put up with. He still has a good working relationship with Kenwright and the board and has got some decent players in at the last minute. I really can't see it happening. I really do hope though that Newcastle find their way through this and get a decent manager in without Wise working in the background. They have a good team with great potential.

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    • I know it has been a mad week with the Abu Dhabi/City thing, Robinho, two managers going etc etc.......but I don't think the madness will extend to Moyes going to Newcastle. You would have to be mental or desperate to want to be Newcastle manager right now. 1. Ashley is supposed to be selling up, and the rumoured interested party want Keegan back in the job. 2. If Ashley stays as owner, presumably Wise will stay too, which means that manager's job will be difficult if not impossible. 3. Without new owners it is clear there is very little money to spend (12 million quid kitty was available in the summer according to reports - that would buy Berbatov's torso only), and the players to be signed by that money are controlled by Wise not the manager. 4. The level of expectation at Newcastle is insane. Every manager is eventually crushed under the pressure.

      Moyes may not be thrilled with how things are at Everton right now, but to go to Newcastle would truly be a case of out of the frying pan and into the fire.