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  • Ben Ben Sep 28, 2008 13:45 Flag

    Cancel the Derby, it's tooooo easy

    You can always guarantee some RS pr1ck will post something after a derby win. You have a short memory mate....a couple of seasons ago we took you to the cleaners 3-0 with Reina doing some sort of comedy act. Don't think you were posting the day after that one were you? And anybody watching yesterday's match will have learned one thing if he didn't already know it - Reina is hopeless with crosses. You may have aspirations of winning the league but with a keeper like that I doubt you will do it.

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    • Interesting point Ben, so you think Reina will cost us the title? I actually think Kuyt will cost us the title and do rate Reina. I guess Moyes had seen a weakness with Reina with crosses and wanted plenty fired in during the game.

      The derby is one of the toughest games on the calender, I was just winding you up with the thread. Everton did surprise me to be honest with their tactics. I thought you'd be more positive and have more belief to beat us, also your players weren't harrassing us off the ball in midfield like we normally see, although we didn't have many decent chances till Torres scored. We'll see how the next one goes, it wouldn't surprise me if you picked up a point at Anfield as Everton seem to do poorly in one derby per season and our the better team in the other one. Oh Ben, I was on here the day you beat us 3-0, I do remember that. Under my old profile reds5times, I'll pick out my thread if you want, but doubt you care mate.

      To answer your question duncan when we'll win the league, probably the same year our stadium is finished... about 2024.