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    State of EFC

    A day after the derby I’m pretty depressed. You need to be strong at home and get what you can away. We look awful, petrified at home. Goodison needs to be a fortress, but it's more like a bouncy castle right now. Yeh, we have picked up points away, but against WBA, Stoke and Hull, all promoted teams (tho’ Hull have started well). When we play Man U, Arsenal, Villa, Chelsea I think it will be a different story. Our next 3 games are Newcastle, Arsenal and Man U. It's a good time to play Newcastle as they’re actually worse than us, but I worry about the others. We could be struggling at the bottom if we are’nt careful, and we need to turn it around.

    I wonder if Moyes will actually sign his new contract. It takes 2 seconds, and he’s running out of excuses for why he just doesn't do it. I think he will delay until after the Jan xfer window, and if he can’t bring in players he wants, he’ll be off I reckon as he has already given warnings about ambition. He'll get a job elsewhere no bother.

    There isn't much positive to say re the derby. We were shocking. The RS held the ball so easily and passed it around like it was training. The formation and the timid way we played, you'd have thought we were the away team. Lumping long balls up to an isolated Yak was pointless, and with the midfield overrun most of the game, Cahill was back helping, not making attacking runs. Even when Yak got a chance to run at a defender and shoot, he did a Ronaldo and dived to con the ref. Ashamed of him, he deserved a booking. Hibbert was a fish out of water in the 1st half, but maybe because Arteta didn't help enough. Thank God Keane was so #$%$ or we could have been goals down early. Yobo had a better game, and Jags was class, unlucky with the second goal after such a great tackle. Big Fella is adjusting to the league and the club, his distribution improving. Still worrying tho the way our midfield didn’t get in the game.

    Officials - this Respect thing is fine, but how can you give them respect when they make such abysmal, clearly wrong decisions so often. Last year's home derby hit new lows for biased pathetic reffing, and Riley was not much better. Cahill's red for me was a yellow, but if it’s red, look at Kuyt's last year - wasn't even booked. The "foul" by Big Fella when Carra blocked the shot on the line. Nobody except the linesman and ref saw a foul. Big Fella didn't touch Reina or Carra. I was glad the shot didn't go in, the injustice would've been too much. We should be used to it tho, shafted in the FA Cup semi in 77, and the goal kick that hit our striker and went in disallowed a few years ago, penalty not given last year. There are more.

    We were soundly beaten. Moyes has to get belief and confidence up or it will be long season. There is another thread saying Moyes is #$%$ and must go, and bring in a big name foreign manager. I think Moyes has done a great job on the cash and players available, and stability for 6 years is better than Newcastle style pantomimes. We are dreaming about big name foreign managers, we don't have the prestige or money. Come to Everton and shop for players at Kwik Save instead of Harrods. Yeh right, the likes of Mourinho, Scolari etc would jump at the chance!

    Only good thing was Keane didn't break his duck and score against us like usual, and Gerrard didn't get his 100th goal. It was bad enough as it was.

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    • Jesus I have just recoved from etnagle's rather scary description of his missus and life with her! Very insightful analysis about the Moyes contract situation I thought though. I'd not thought of at least one of those possible explanations.

      Big game tonight obviously. It will tell us a lot about the players. According to reports Moyes has had a "heated" meeting with the players. No doubt Moyes was doling out some stick to certain players, but I wonder whether one or 2 had words back with him? It is clearly not all happy families right now.

      Other news - that Indian squillionaire (Anil somebody - can't remember his name) is apparently in the very earliest stage of talks about buying the club. Could be good news but depends how much he is prepared to invest. As long as he doesn't saddle the club with debt like the the buyers of the RS and Manure, it probably has more upside than downside. Let's see if there is any substance in the story anyway. I won £50 on the lottery a couple of weeks ago. I'll happily bung that in if it will make the deal work lol.

    • Has anyone thought of coming over "" the futures bright/the futures red""