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  • Ben Ben Sep 28, 2008 18:41 Flag

    State of EFC

    Sean, if I had the solutions I'd be in Moyes' place, not working in a bank lol.

    What little success we have had in the derby over the years has been down to harrying the hell out of the RS, not giving them time on the ball, forcing them into mistakes. I didn't see enough of that yesterday. Were EFC up for it? Maybe, but whatever game plan we had just did not work, and although I hate to say it, some of our team lack quality when compared to the RS. Heart only gets you so far.

    I was amazed at Moyes saying that the atmosphere in the squad was flat etc last week. Cahill went public and said that wasn't true. Enough people are ready to drag the club down without Moyes doing it too. He should be talking things up. Interesting comment from him today about the game showing what can be done with 100 million. Clearly the money issue has been eating away at him for ages.

    I agree, I think Moyes' game playing over his contract is unsettling the team. In a sense though I can't blame him. He is very employable and knows it, and if he doubts either the club's ambition or its ability to deliver on that ambition financially (which is really the situation), why should he hang around flogging a dead horse. He looks around the league and sees money flying around - look at the spending over the last couple of years by Villa, Man City, Portsmouth, Sunderland, Newcastle jesus even Fulham, and that's before you get to Chelsea, Man U and the RS with the Champions League annual subsidies, rich owners and/or merchandising earnings. Arsenal have not spent that much, but that's because they have a fantastic scouting system and get the talent early and nurture it. Imagine what they would have to pay today for the likes of Febregas, Adebayor and Walcott. With their new stadium they are coining it. In contrast, we have a poxy mediocre stadium proposal which is tied up in red tape, no way of earning any extra cash because Goodison limits us, no prospect of any earnings from Europe (even if we do progress, which is doubtful, we'll just about earn our bus fare back home like last year), a Chairman who is skint compared to most others, too small a squad, some players out of form and low on confidence, and a manager who is keeping the club dangling over his contract. It's a pretty farcical position we have got ourselves into over the years. I don't know how old you are, but I was around in glory years of the 80s when we were one of the Big 5, had the money to sign anyone we wanted, and were winning trophies for fun. We thought it would never end, yet all of that was squandered by the time the EPL came along, and we well and truly missed the financial boat. Unless we get picked up by some Arabs or a dodgy Russian, it's not going to change either.

    Would Moyes get a better job? Depends how you define better. There aren't many clubs with a longer history and tradition, but there are lots of clubs with more cash and better stadiums. It's all about timing of course, and he can bide his time if he has to. One of the Glasgow jobs is a definite possibility I think at some point, but with the managerial merry go round, an EPL job is not out of the question. The only problem with your chuck him out view is this in my opinion - who could you realistically get in who is any better?? Who will take on the job in view of the finances?

    I am no tactical genius so I am not sure about your comment there. He's sticking with the 1 striker formation home and away, and it didn't do us much harm last year. Maybe it's a bit too predictable now, and it's time to sacrifice a midfielder and put in Saha or Vaughan/Anichebe with the Yak. Who do you drop though?

    I am trying not to be too doom and gloom here, but the club is in a mess on the pitch and even more so off it, and it's a crying shame.