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  • Ben Ben Oct 1, 2008 18:57 Flag

    State of EFC

    Jesus I have just recoved from etnagle's rather scary description of his missus and life with her! Very insightful analysis about the Moyes contract situation I thought though. I'd not thought of at least one of those possible explanations.

    Big game tonight obviously. It will tell us a lot about the players. According to reports Moyes has had a "heated" meeting with the players. No doubt Moyes was doling out some stick to certain players, but I wonder whether one or 2 had words back with him? It is clearly not all happy families right now.

    Other news - that Indian squillionaire (Anil somebody - can't remember his name) is apparently in the very earliest stage of talks about buying the club. Could be good news but depends how much he is prepared to invest. As long as he doesn't saddle the club with debt like the the buyers of the RS and Manure, it probably has more upside than downside. Let's see if there is any substance in the story anyway. I won £50 on the lottery a couple of weeks ago. I'll happily bung that in if it will make the deal work lol.