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  • Ben Ben Nov 9, 2008 15:00 Flag

    Smash and grab raid

    Bit of a smash and grab raid yesterday at West Ham. Thought we were poor for 82 minutes, and then we are 3-1 up almost in a blink. West Ham played some nice football. In many ways they deserved better. But, if the choice is play pretty and lose a lot (WHUFC) or play mainly ugly and win, I know what I will go for. The good football will come in time. The league table looks a lot better than it did a month ago, that's for sure!

    Few observations - Jags had a cracker yet again, Arteta was quiet yet again, and it was good to see Saha get 90 minutes. At least he stays on his feet. The Yak has been throwing himself to the ground too much looking for free kicks and penalties. Moyes obviously doesn't fancy Segundo Castillo. Even Rodwell gets a game before him.

    Nice to see us riding high and the results starting to come, even if it is against mediocre opposition. Still have to beat those teams.