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  • GARY GARY Nov 12, 2008 03:19 Flag

    ..Hughes Sacked??...Our Only Hope...

    Sean, you'll have to let us know your expectation levels at the start of each season. With the limited funds Moyes has had, what he has done with the club is a minor miracle. He's got quality players in on the cheap, while ensuring that the young, home grown up and coming players get an opportunity to platy if they are good enough.
    Granted, we have played garbage for most of the season so far, but then you have a little look at the table and see us sat in 7th position. The new players will gel, we will push on and the quality football will come back.
    Its so easy to slag the manager when things aren't going great, but I dont think any manager could do a better job than DM with what he has to work with.