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  • Andy Andy Nov 12, 2008 13:23 Flag

    ..Hughes Sacked??...Our Only Hope...

    Wow, you have a very short memory. In the thread "Moyes out" you very clearly did NOT accept other's opinions, you were abusive about it too, and you did call people less of an Evertonian, although you now deny it. You even starting slinging allegations around that some of us were RS just because we happened to hold an opposing view to yours. I don't know whether it was you or Yahoo or who removed your posts in that thread, but it's not forgotten. Denying it all now just undermines your credibility further. Disagreement is fine, just keep it civil. I made the mistake of being dragged into a flame war with you...not doing it again.

    There seems to be general agreement the standard of football from the boys this year has been pretty poor, but I'll take results over style any day. I'll take as many 1-0 wins with goals in the 89th minute as Moyes can deliver. We need a high league finish, hopefully Europe, to generate cash. You don't generate much cash finishing 13th, and pretty football without results is pointless - ask a West Ham fan.