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  • Andy Andy Nov 24, 2008 19:29 Flag

    1 point short.

    Torres, hope you can help me understand something here.

    What makes the supporter of another team post 37 times to another team's discussion board?

    That would be you, in case you are not feeling sharp today.

    Most people limit themselves to their own team's board. To post on other boards is kind of sad.

    Even sadder is including "he he" or the brilliant variant "ha ha" in many posts.

    That would also be you by the way.

    Even sadder than that is having nothing interesting or constructive to say in your posts.

    No prizes for guessing that would also be you.

    The best possible reply to this would be not to reply, as that would mean you weren't posting on the Everton board. The best thing of all you could do is stop posting on this board full stop.

    Post on the Liverpool board. You might find someone there who gives a toss about what you say :) Nobody on this board does.