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  • Andy Andy Jan 11, 2009 14:07 Flag

    Did Moyes get it wrong?

    As usual Fellaini got on the wrong side of the ref early on yesterday. I live abroad and get the games on satellite, and Joe Royle was the analyst. He couldn't be considered exactly impartial, and even he said that 10 refs can't be wrong in booking him. It's not that he does any particuarly heinous fouls, he is just constantly niggling away, his elbows out when he jumps etc. Whether you think the Hull player was ducking down for the ball or not for the foul which led to the booking, the ref made it clear yesterday that he wasn't booking him for dangerous play but for persistent fouling. It was noticeable after the booking Fellaini kept his elbows in and pulled out of a number of challenges just so he could stay on the pitch. he needs to show the same common sense the rest of the time too, but maybe that will take something away from his game. Maybe he should get a haircut so he isn't so noticeable!

    Which brings me to my question. When the 2nd goal went in just before half time, the commentator and Joe Royle immediately said right, take off Fellaini at half time so you don't risk suspension for the derby games. The game's won, Hull are showing nothing, and Everton are tight at the back again like last year, so get him off. It made massive sense, and I couldn't believe it when Fellaini came out again for the 2nd half, and what happened next is history. Could have brought Anichebe on up front, dropping Cahill into the support slot. Could have brought Gosling on (the lad has been great recently). Just can't understand what Moyes was thinking. Is he so confident in his squad (Andy VDM and Kissock on the bench???) that he feels we can do without Screech for the derby games? What does everyone think?

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    • Well, no need for speculation - Moysie himself has admitted he got it wrong in a piece on BBC. The plan was to take Fellaini off after an hour if the score was the same, on the grounds we had lost 2-0 leads before or come back from 2 down. I think on this he was far too cautious. While Fallaini has been doing well, especially scoring a few goals, it's Arteta making the team tick for me, so hopefully we will be ok without Fellaini for the derby games.

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      • I agree that Arteta is in fine form but we will miss Fellaini because of his great nuisance value. I honestly believe that he was wrongly awarded a yellow for raising his foot for the person he was said to be fouling was approaching him out of his eye line. I suspect the ref. was looking to present him with a yellow, unfortunately. We can only hope that we can stay resolute in defence and midfield whilst Fellaini is absent and perhaps we might be able to find someone to take his place.