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  • A Yahoo! User Jan 20, 2009 23:07 Flag

    Fair enough, Liverpool probably deserved a point

    Not forgetton (sic) just moved on...

    Bad sign when fans of a title 'contender' start looking back at results from September. Is the future not so enticing now?


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    • When you come anywhere remotely close to winning ANYTHING at all then, you can spout off! I suppose Liverpool could of released a dvd of that game in september when they won, like your lot did the other year couldnt they? In time for Xmas along with the Half Season tickets that you cant get rid of-how pathetic is that?Half Season tickets LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      • Ooh that hurt... Goliath wallops David.

        All that ranting suggests is twitchiness amongst the ranks. 20 years without the title is hard to take, I know. It's been 22 years ourselves...

        And I wasn't spouting off, just commenting on last night's game so chill man!

        Ps. Could HAVE mate ;-)

      • Fair enough we do sell half season tickets to local fans--- unlike u RS who need to sell your season tickets abroad otherwise you would have an empty stadium.

        At least when we enter Goodison its full (in the main) with local fans that actually live in this country.

        Getting onto that so- called fair result of a point, personally it does look to me that the RS cant deal with set pieces and that is where we will destroy you on Sunday.

        If only they could play Lucas as well as Keane then itd be 9 men to play against--- typical RS lost the plot half way thru season like usual bottle gone and you gonna let the mancs take it again, can;t say i approve but beats the chit out of you lot winning it.

        Also if I were the owners I wouldnt let that idiot in total control of buying and selling players but wish they would as your team would be in a worse state than it is - role on Sunday and lets show em how you play the game.

        And on the subject of winning stuff when you can produce a player of the standard of the late great William Dixie Dean then talk about great players until then shut the ##ck up, as your team consists of 3 players- 1. about to enter HMS 2. aint found match fitness yet and 3. well good in defence enough said bout him rest of your team over paid and over inflated skills that amount to nothing.