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  • A Yahoo! User Jan 21, 2009 02:50 Flag

    Fair enough, Liverpool probably deserved a point

    Ooh that hurt... Goliath wallops David.

    All that ranting suggests is twitchiness amongst the ranks. 20 years without the title is hard to take, I know. It's been 22 years ourselves...

    And I wasn't spouting off, just commenting on last night's game so chill man!

    Ps. Could HAVE mate ;-)

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    • Do you think your lot are a bigger club than Millwall,Wigan,Boro or Newcastle?The last time your lot got into any Final at all-1995-all those have been in Finals since. They might not of won any of them,but at least they got there! If your lot start winning things then you can start spouting off, until then you lot havent got a lot to shout about have you?????