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  • Mr Benítez deems our football to be "negative".

    Nice way to excuse the fact that a multi millionaire squad failed to break us down for the second time in a week. It's called defending fantastically and was also used by the RS to reach TWO Champions League finals. Only then it was called tactical genius.

    Everton played their game well and again deserved the draw. Liverpool had to rely on Torres and HMP fodder again.

    When things aren't going to plan start looking in your own backyard for the motives. You've got plenty to be going on with there before talking about us.

    We shall not and were not moved. Roll on Goodison and the return of Big Fella.

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    • Everton all the way its a grand old team to play for its a grand old team to support.rs only got three players all the rest are no marks.well played today everton without five class players had to call on to young lads but well done to gosling and rodwell.coyb pride of merseyside analfield had 7000 real scousers in blue ther today and as for fat rafa f----- --- back to spain

    • the fat waiter should be worrying about his zonal marking system instesd of slating our superb defense. how can you leave tim cahill unmarked twice in a week!