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  • COLIN COLIN Feb 12, 2009 02:49 Flag

    the truth about voctor

    A good freind of mine is part of Everton's acadamy-- so I asked him wats all this then about anichebe.

    Now it all happened one training day just like any other when Mr Round came in to start the training and saw victor not in his kit ---

    R- why arnt you ready victor stop messing around and get dressed
    V - I'm injured
    R - and how and when did this happen
    V - I'm injured
    R - stop f....ing around and get dressed
    V - I'm injured
    R - Right then lets see wat David (Moyes) has to say then
    DM - wats going on V
    V - I'm injured
    DM - now get out of your sulk right now, just because you couldnt get a loan to Hull doesn't mean your not part of EFC and as it is we own you until your contract is up, well decide wats happening to you - NOT YOU. Now you have a choice either get dressed or destroy your future, upto you V now decide
    V - I'm injured
    DM - right then get out of my site

    And at this point he was escorted to the car park. So the truth is out. Personally I couldnt give a toss about him as hes hardly lit the ground up but personally I'd prefer the truth. And now we have it hope it helps but I'm sure most of us sort of worked it out anyway.

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    • The true supporters of EFC don't care about what goes on at the training ground, only on the pitch.....as its people like your mate who drags things out.....fact is the last game Victor played he was great, then INJURED, so I suppose now the truth is out.....he is injured.
      Go pick on another team, or better still find another friend, if he works at Goodison and is mouthing off about them, maybe hes doing the same about you. Just think a bout it.