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  • Cottee fan Cottee fan May 31, 2009 08:29 Flag

    FA Cup Final

    Right now I'm gutted.

    But at the end of the day, what club can boast a manager who gets the LMA award a record three times, a chairman who lives and dies by the club (I've had my reservartions about Kenwright mainly due to the ground move, but seeing him today...my god, how can a man be any more dedicated), a team that, let's face it, is short of star players....and still kick the #$%$ of Liverpool, Villa & Utd and just lose out to Chelsea in the final.

    Guys, next year, Arteta, Yakubu, Jags back in the side. A few wise purchases in the summer (please sell Hibbert, cost us the game today) and next year, well, only Moyes knows:)

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    • Hibbert was made to look a muppet. On the cross for the first goal, he was so far out of position he was nearer Anelka on the other wing than he was to Malouda, and Ozzie didn't give him enough cover either. At least Jacobsen was better, but the damage was done. Dream start, and pity we couldn't keep it going - we got very defensive and sat back, but we were playing a class team so no complaints - we gave it our best shot and it just wasn't enough on the day.

      Proud of the lads and everything they achieved this year. Considering the limited resources and injuries, as well as a terrible August and September, what a fantastic year in the end. Moyes is right - we must push on, but it's difficult to see how we can with so little money compared to the teams above us and even some below us. Before we had "the big 4" plus the likes of Spurs and Villa with more money and able to attract the bigger name players, but now we have nobody teams like City and Portsoumth with billions, which makes it even harder for us. Money is no guarantee of success of course, but the last 15 years have shown it certainly is a big help.

      Mystery of the year, decade, century and possibly the whole of history - an Arab billionaire comes along and instead of buying a club with history, great fans, passion and the closest challenger to the top 4 for the last 5 years, he puts his cash into Portsmouth FFS. Blue Bill certainly loves the club, but he is a pauper. A lack of a decent stadium can't have been a factor if you look at Fratton Park. What's going on?

      Getting Jags, the Yak and Arteta back will be like getting 3 new signings in a sense. Some players come back from serious injury and are never the same again, so hopefully they will be 100%. Let's hope there are more new arrivals, and not at the last minute like last summer.

      Well done Blues for a great season.