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  • Newton81 Newton81 Jun 2, 2009 12:49 Flag

    Liverpool the best team in Europe

    If you want a good laugh, go to the liverpool page and read the story about Eurosport naming Liverpool the best team in Europe. Everton knocked liverpool out of the cup and made it to the final, so what does that tell you? Are Everton better than Liverpool?

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    • No cos they finished second in the league

    • the funniest is when chubby says the RS are better than manure, even though they got beat to the prem title by them. "All it means is that man utd won more points than liverpool, not that they were a better team, what does that mean ?"

      EXACTLY CHUBBY, what does that mean ?

      The bloke is walking proof of an idiot. Everyone calling him a great manager ? #$%$, diver gerrard (while being a great player, he still dives more than most) was already at the club when he came, he got lucky with his capture of torres who has done about half as well as his first season (no surprises there then) and the amount of money he has spent or wasted is HUGE.

      give a decent manager that money and see what he could do with it. give it to chubby ...............well, speaks for itself.