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  • navysealsrule navysealsrule Aug 16, 2009 04:51 Flag

    who is your new signings

    watched the game on espn and heard the commentators going on about two new signings this week

    anyone any idea who moyes has signed?

    as for today you boys looked like your were still in pre season mode but in saying that arsenal where fantastic but i am sure that score line won,t happen again moyes will make sure of that

    anyway good luck for the rest of the season

    YNWA 96

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    • Cheers johnny,

      Not sure who the 2 new signings are, have seen 21 argentinian defensive mid mentioned Ever Bangera?? I could be wrong with the name

      Hoping we pick it up big time for the Europa match on Thursday

      Hope season brings what u want it to