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  • Yellow Bob ring ring hahahahahahha Yellow Bob ring ring hahahahahahha Dec 21, 2009 04:26 Flag


    ...MOyes has run out of ideas and should move on

    ...we are in shyt.........something has to change

    McCleish is our mext man......you watch

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    • What a load of rubbish Moyes has been and remains a great manager. Who could reach FA cup final and get into europe with the small kitty he has?
      When the time comes for him to move on lets see slaven billic back at goodison!

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      • If we change managers then we will be screwed! no matter what look at the other clubs around us. The problem we have is injurys and funding but I don't want any other big fat cat coming and eat our income and face shutting down like Portsmouth. We have players that can play better in other clubs but they have faith in DM. I agree that we do have talented team in the junior team like Duffy and Coleman they are outstanding and can't understand why we don't use them now? Coleman has set up 3/4 goals for us so far and we won the games from him too.
        Look at Sir AF from Man Utd he been there for years lot longer than DM and still be at the top of his game but he still has his bad days everyone does and so does DM. So what I'm saying is lets just see how rest of the season goes as I remember when this last happened as we where so low I voted for him to be kicked out and there on he turned the team around and got us going places. I'm sticking to DM because if another team has DM he is going to be the most feared manager in the world! ......JJ