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  • DEREK W DEREK W May 2, 2010 18:19 Flag

    howard webb

    as a purs supporter who has been a recipient of webb's ludicrous decisions more than once ,i sympathise with you.....like us on many occasions he cost you the game....how the hell this idiot ,or
    worse,is rated the BEST ref in england and is our rep going to the world cup i do not know...
    replays show him to be wrong time and time again....i know that he does not have sow motion
    but a lot of them are obvious(except to him of course)....it is wrong ,incompetent refs can cost you valuable points....'arry has appealed against him when he allocated to referee our games,that is how bad,or biased ,he is..
    but to no avail....so my sympathies are with you ....we have been there....