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  • Andy Andy Jun 25, 2010 12:48 Flag

    Which Players should be sold?

    I agree apart from Osman, he is one of the most underrated players in the EPL. He should be in England Squad.

    I would sell.

    Vaughan (I know thats 3 of our 5 forwards but they are useless)

    Ami / Vaughn we would be looky to get 5 goals a season out of both of them. V always injured, Ami for a big lad likes to go to ground any time anyone goes near him. Yak finished unfortunately. Hibbert I don't think brings much to the team anymore, he used to attack down the right a lot, now he tends to hit 40 yrds all the time.

    Just my opinion.

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    • hibbert is worth his weight in gold. he can defend and attack. he puts in a huge effort in every game and thats why moysey picks him week in and out, despite the rubbish talked about him by a few.

      vaughan is probably going to be sold. he showed promise but, perhaps in part because of his injuries he hasnt quite made the grade.

      anichebe is still on probation.

      if the yak recovers from injury and gets back to his old self he will probably be our top scorer.

      gosling has gone, and good riddance.

      i dont think we are in a position to sell any of our regular players or the no.1 backups. especially goalies. they are vulnerable.

      we've got a bit more depth in the squad now and hopefully that will create a bit more competition for places.

      ................................"IN MOYSE WE TRUST"