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  • Java2001e Java2001e Aug 7, 2010 13:36 Flag

    All Change in the Premier League?

    There's a wind of change blowing thru the premier league, and its long overdue. the top clubs have slipped and several clubs have improved. spurs, Everton and villa, among them. Altho they don’t have as much cash they have proved that you can upset those that do, and I predict that this season one of them will.

    ManC have spent big, but so did Liverpool under Benitez and they are back to square one, so money can't buy you love, or guarantee you success on the football field.

    Chelski and Manu are still the two to beat altho Manu don’t look as good as they did two seasons ago. Having said that they only lost the title last season because of an offside goal by Drogba.

    That alone should be enough to startle the premier league into the obvious realisation that instant replays can help officials make the right decisions. Their refusal to use it is as foolish as not using modern technology in any other area of life. What are they, Amish?

    I’m looking forward to an interesting season and I especially hope that Everton and David Moyes can kick the stuffing out of the so-called top four.