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  • FarhanEverton FarhanEverton Jul 27, 2011 00:15 Flag

    Bad Scouting at Everton not the manager

    My point as an Everton fan is, it not David Moyes but the scouts who are at fault.

    I have had a long held belief that scouts at Everton are ineffectual. As I have noticed teams who are lower in league have been able do better scouting than Everton.
    A premier league team who share a stadium with a Rugby League team have managed to get good players from Central and South America, even though their reputation is lower than Everton’s, Some of these player have joined bigger teams compared to the original premier league team they joined.

    Because even when we had money and Everton bought players like; Yakubu, Per Krøldrup, Simon Davies Andy Johnson James Beattie, etc to Everton. Some these players over the last 5 years have been hit and miss at best.

    This is all down to scouts who have been ineffectual.

    The team should increase the number of scouts utilising former well-known international players from various counties like Brazil Argentina Germany, and smaller nations like El-Salvador, Chile, etc, to find new player as they would know who is good and bad, as they would played with good players or have seen them play against them .

    Thus they can rate new player better than non-ex-player they know good players from the bad ones and spot stuff non-ex-player cannot.

    Otherwise revamp the scouting team with new personal replacing the old staff, or incentivize the existing scouts with bonus pay if they find good players.

    I have noticed American wrestlers in the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) have a low basic wage but if the wrestlers get a better reaction from the fans or win a title, increase their profile somw how, etc. They get bonuses, and if there is consistent improvement, the pay goes up from a basic $25,000 a year for a trainee wrestler to millions at the top end with other perks thrown in.

    So the wrestler has to do better work to get higher wages and better perks.

    So incentivising the scout based on performance could help.

    Any thoughts welcome.

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