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  • FarhanEverton FarhanEverton Jan 30, 2013 19:43 Flag

    Will Everton buy during the windows,where should they strengthen & are wages a stumbling block?

    So do you fellow Evertonians think everton will buy anyone in the window?

    Where do think the team needs strengthening?

    Furthermore are wages a Stumbling block to signings?

    I look forward on your thoughts on the matter.



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    • I think we should hold fire for this season.
      I believe we are going to be even better next season when some of the boys settle in and we get them all fit to play.
      If I see a weakness its Phil Neville yes he has done us well but he now lacks speed and seems to have lost his passing ability.
      Coleman and Gibson back to strengthen our defence we are giving away to many easy goals.

    • first things first neville and moyes are gone so we do not need to know what they are doing on the everton webb site; now the answer to your question YES we do need to buy and we need younger eager players not has beens, because if we dont invest now in a few more youngsters then we will be back to fighting relugation again and may just go down. squads need fresh players to gee them up and bring new ideas along with them.