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  • Matt Matt Aug 18, 2005 23:12 Flag

    Pointless Friendlies

    I cannot see the point in continuing to play all of these pointless friendlies. Not one player seemed to want to play in last nights game, and can you blame them? Would any player want to rule themselves out for the next 3 months of the new season with a injury? I don't think so. It is okay for Sven to say that they are useful exercises to test out new players, but how can any player perform to his best in a side that has been changed so much? By making so many substitutions the balance of the team is destroyed - which was exactly what happened last night. The only people who benefit from these games are useless players like Owen Hargreaves, who will quite happily keep taking caps that Sven keeps giving out like candy. How has he got 27 caps???

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