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  • elizabeth elizabeth Sep 8, 2005 17:02 Flag

    Lets all jump on the bandwagon

    I really love the so called English Fans and Press!

    One poor performance and utter panic sets in!

    Svens useless! Beckahms past it! Owens a waste of time! cause SWP is a Chelsea player hes #$%$ Gerrard & Lampard are Fred and Barney from the Flinstones!

    Listen to yourself people and wonder WHY we never win anyting - 5 years ago we were crying out for quality players - then arrived Owen against Argentina, Beckhams goal against the Greeks, Gerrard against Germany {who remembers that nutmeg and goal from 25 yrds!!] Lampard was the best midfielder last year and SWP?- well he has pace and enthusiasm and Sven? - remember his record [lost ONE qualifier - qualifyed for ALL the major championships since hes been in charge and was the best thing since slice bread '5 mins ago']- no emotion - hmm remember Keegan - now what did we win with him or qualify for

    Boy with this type of knee jerk reaction, I should think all the other teams in the World Cup must be laughing out loud about the Press and the Fans

    By the way there is only one team who will win the world cup and thats Brazil - they play no system and let their players express themselves. Plus they play nearly all their creative players in what chuffin formation they like

    Seems to me Sven and England are trying to do that - form is temporary-quality is permenant - so if you believe and that we have those players {as we seemed to do a little while ago} then get off ALL their backs and support the team and manager and stop bellyaching like #$%$!!

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    • im sorry i must be one of those people!!!
      No im not moaning at how #$%$ poor they where but the whole management system is an utter shambles, who changes the sides formation 3 times to see how it works? Sven should know his players by now!!!!

      On paper we have one of the best sides going, on the pitch we have eleven 'stars' all wanting to prove themselves to a manager whos more intrested in shaging anything moving then winning a group stage.

      Ask yourself this if Sven was English would he be more passionate about England winning or his paycheck??

      fair cop mind, im not taking anythinhg away from the irish side that put their hart and soal into the game. It just irritates me that we cant dominate a game that we should have won, somethings wrong somewhere my judgement lays on 'calm and collected Sven'.

      sorry for moaning just making my point of view known

    • one of the keys to Brazils long standing,and germanys long standing success, is they DO play a system and were the south american and european international originators of the use of systems. Their successful players and managers of days gone by constantly refer to this. The difference is they don't get hung up about it.

    • The manger cannot be supported. HE IS SWEDISH!This latest debacle is typical of what Swedes do. If it works break it! If it doesn't work, have a committee meeting to decide why the reasons could not possibly be their fault.

      They have no passion and even worse, (in general) they have no sense of personal responsibility and accountability. I Know, I have the misfortune to work there. GET RID OF HIM NOW WHILE THERE IS STILL TIME.

    • Its all very nice having the quality players but if Sven can't do his job and motivate the players and play them as a team then it'll all mean nothing.... could cost us our best chance of winning the WC for a long time.

    • Lets get it straight ..Svens record is pants...the objective of merely qualifying for a World Cup or Euro Championships is unambitious for a major footballing nation like England given the fact that the Greeks were able to marshall their more limited resources to win the latter.

      When you pull on the shirt to play for England there simply should be no such thing as a friendly...Sven has debased the value of friendlies as a means of developing the team or working out proper system of play by his lack of foresight or backbone in dealing with so called 'senior'players culminating in the 4-5-1 debacle to accomodate the marketing priorities of Mr Beckham...the knobheads at the FA gave this guy a long term contract for a short-term product (ur only as good as your last game)meaning that Sven can coast along for the next few years, shagging the odd weathergirl and secretary on the way, safe in the knowledge that he cannot be sacked without a payout that would bankrupt his employer.... SVEN MUST GO!

    • It's not necessarily jumping on the band wagon. For people like me,it's having suffered in silence for 40 years while England under-achieved and failed miserably,and finally feeling so #$%$ off that we are compelled to voice our opinions,even though they won't make any difference to the people who control the national side.

    • Well said! ok svens golden touch may have deserted him at the moment but the defeat has come at a crucial point in the qualifiers. Knowing him he'll win the next 2 games and all this will be forgotten. The only thing is they seemed to be playing for the draw where was the penetration?

    • How right. You just got to support the team (including the manager) to the end...having come this far. Afterall, there's only 2 more decisive matches left and a new manager will somehow upset the momentum I think. And..stop believing too much on the press and critics..everyone cannot be right all the time. England will be in the WC2006.

    • At last a voice of reason. Well Said

    • I agree with the first post.....Apparently it now seems that its impossible for Auto qualification..But Poland only have one game left and England have two....We beat Poland and Austria then we get Auto qualification, If all else fails, we have a guarenteed play-off spot anyways...So please, everyone, stop your moaning, Its one freaking loss!

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