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  • paul paul Sep 8, 2005 19:51 Flag

    sunday league stuff

    all those of you who've played sunday league will recognise what happened last night. the manager (who got the job 'coz he said he was good with his previous team) got the players round before the start of the match and said:

    "alright lads, we're gonna play 4-5-1 tonight. michael, you're upfront, wayne, left wing for you, david, you're anchor. everyone else as was. goddit?"

    "so what are the tactics, boss?" one of the new-boys (luke or shaun maybe) must have asked

    "er...tactics? er... ok tactics are we'll have one upfront, five across the middle and four at the back. goddit? alright lads, now get out there and let's do it!

    pleased that there were no more instructions to overburden their brains with, they went out and got 'done' themselves

    rubbish, sven!

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