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  • Chris Robson 16/male..........is the 16 bit your IQ?

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    • nah mate i actualy think its the age bit.............. like most ppl know it is. or is it your iq? was u wanting a competition?

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      • Chris

        Rather than get abusive replies which mean nothing, let me instead enlighten you with the "silly" world rankings (thats FIFA) and the REAL world rankings (thats ELO).

        If you are really that concerned about where teams should place in terms of rankings, then only use the ELO method.

        IF you are American and like the "propaganda" used to get one of the largest sport economies interested in football, then stick to the aptly named (oh and American of course) Coca-Cola FIFA world rankings.

        The "get americans interested in 'soccer'" rankings (i.e. b*llocks): http://www.fifa.com/en/mens/statistics/index.html

        The mathematically perfect/most logical rankings: http://www.eloratings.net

        As i'm sure you can see, with ELO, Brazil are 1st, Dutch 2nd, ENGLAND 3rd, Argentina 8th, USA.... FOURTEENTH.

        Does this sound a little more likely? Thought so...

        I hope this has cleared up some of the confusion. FIFA is there to get Americans interested, ELO is there for people who DO actually know how football rankings should work.

        ELO is "mathematically perfect" for a reason - in other words, its what you should go by. FIFA rankings are confused, and the way they work out rankings is inherantly very stupid since they dismiss obvious factors, such as the strength of say Andorra playing the USA. While the same points would be awarded to England v Brazil, which doesnt take a genius to work out the flaws already...

      • Can you actually speak proper english or are you just plain thick, you hillbilly redneck speaking illiterate monger