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  • Dave SE Dave SE May 4, 2006 23:59 Flag

    Steve Maclaren

    SM - negative, uninspiring, lacks dynamism, mediocre, too close to some players to deal with the rampant egos in the England squad.
    A graham Taylor / Howard Wilkinson waiting to happen.
    Why not Martin O'Neill?
    Is there really anybody out there who believes he is best choice for England manager?
    The FA have gone for safety first - it will come back to haunt and possibly bankrupt them when we start failing to qualify for major tournaments.

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    • David has to come back we would not have gone to Japan if not for him, he creates far to many goals and generally offers the England squad far to many chances of scoring to be left out.

      It strikes me the likes of Rooney and Lampard need time on the bench, they dont appreciate the position in the team, there is more players out there willing to try harder to be in and stay in the England squad (David Beckham for one)Leave Gerrard on the right and give Beckham Lampards position. Bring Defoe in to strike instead of Rooney, he has pace and all he wants to do is score and be in the team and lets try and get Beckham finding the head of Crouch to keep him scoring.



    • I have just noted the date this thread started - fine prophetic words Dave.
      Just wish the FA had your intuition.
      Only one correction - this guy is sub standard even to Wilkinson and Taylor.

    • Sometimes people are to quick to judge managers. But i lost my faith in him the day he got rid of Beckham. At least have the guy as a sub!! I love my country, and we are a fantatsic team, but we get screwed over my managers. For once can we get a decent manager, who knows which player and formation are best. It seems that whoever we get doesn't understand football.

    • I must admit I'm taking the mickey but only because it's so easy to do to you lot.

      Has it escaped your attention that this post was raised initially on the 3rd of May? Before the World Cup. Then ressurected by yours truly after Saturday's game, with the comment "eerie or what?"?

      I just thought how intuitive a post it was in hindsight.

      As for why do this? Too much time on my hands but getting paid for doing it. Relieves the boredom...which is why I have only occasional bouts of posting.

      Anyway, what's your next move? New manager? New formation? New players? New team? World domination? Analyse why you're the best in the world but are consistently #$%$ playing against countries with much poorer resources, smaller populations etc?

    • I talk about football because we enjoy it. I'd be wouldn't be being truthful if I said it didn't upset me when we don't meet our potential, however I do appreciate it is just a game.

      What I don't understand is why you come to a that is critically assesing the performance of Steve Maclaren, the English manager, only with the goal of taking the #$%$.

      Allow me to put forward a theory:

      After being abused as a child by your drunken father you live day to day deliberately finding places to create confrontation - therefore reliving this abuse as a pressure releasing mechanism.

      YOU NEED HELP MATE!!! i'm sure you have hospitals for that up there

    • When you all start to support a team,and not a dream,then we might have a national team to belive in

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      • I do support the team. I was happy with a 1/4 final position even if the rest of the Country were not. I do think we could of gone further but that doesn't mean I wasn't happy with our final position.

        Regarding our two previous games - any nation with the players we have would not be satisfied with the results. There is nothing carried-a-way about being disappointed drawing with Macedonia. They did play well but these are games that England should grind out a win.

    • You just don't get it do you? You see, we believe you can supprt your team, be proud of your players, without winning. That old song is called having a laugh, being realistic. Something you'll never understand in that crazed world of "we've got a world class team, just not a world class manager and why haven't we won tonight?" Do you think your or my opinion actually changes anything? Write for days about the manager, the system, the broken toes, whether he's more world class than him, but not as world class as him... would your time not be better spent being realistic and lightening up from the drive to imaginary world domination?

    • Why are we after the manager? The answer is plain to see we don't pay the players enough. There's no incentive for them! It is such a struggle scraping by on what they are paid (I refuse to use the word EARN) that playing for your country is after all just another game of footie!

    • hes a joke I keep thinking I wil awake from a nightmare , no such luck!

    • acceptit you are rotten.overrated diddies.if you were in any other group ,you would be out already.typical england,lucky group and you are #$%$!!!!it wouldnt matter who is manager

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