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    who should captain england

    hi i put this post on my teams board and have some good chat so i thought i would post hear too

    becham played as captain 51 games W29 D12 L10
    percent of points 68.6 ranked 20th best captain for england

    owen played 8 games as captain W5 D3 L0
    percent of points 81.3 ranked 13th

    cambell sul played 3 games as captain W2 D1 L0
    percent of points 83.3 ranked 9th

    so as we have better players in becks position and by the stats better captains should becks still be captain or even in the team ?????

    and for all us gunners
    seaman played as captain 1 game W1 D0 L0
    ranked 1 :)

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    • I believe that Steven Gerrard should be England Captain, he has the motivation to get the team playing well.
      Beckham is so over-rated and is only after what he himself can get. Just think, Sir David and Lady Beckham. It beggers belief.

    • Look at your stats, the number of games that all of the other prospective Captains are measured over. They're meaningless, unless over the same representational number of games. Winning things is about stability & confidence, we have that at the moment & in time Beckham will retire, leaving Paul Terry to pick up the reins. Nor am I a Chelsea supporter, in fact I dislike them for their money but I am realistic.

    • that is a daft post because even though i think gerrard shud be captain it is silly wat you are saying, because owen has only captianed 8 times, you can not compare that to beckham who has captianed 51 times because how do you know that it just was a lucky run for owen and if he had captianed 51 times his record might be worse than beckhams so it is not fair wat you are saying

    • Short memories and warped opinions...at least most of these posts typify the common myopia of footie fans. At the end of the day, Beckham despite all his off-the-field showbiz is still probably the most passionate player in the team: including Gerrard. Every single time he walks on the pitch is high-energy, intense, passionate stuff and there's nothing more you need from a Captain. And no-one even comes close to matching his experience in big games and big tournaments. To change a Captain and keep him in the team makes no sense regardless of who they are.
      He's never let his country down, still capable of the inspirational: when people talk about cole, gerrard etc replacing the genius of rooney, have we all forgotten how often becks has done done it.

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      • remember the world cup when the whole of england was baying for his blood...he let the side down badly..short memories, thats the mentality of all you english #$%$ you only remember what you want to remember....still hear about 1966 to this day 40 years on..but you all seem to forget that the game with SCOTLAND after your triumph you got well hammered. all us scots even the 1st minister of scotland will all be wearing TRINIDAD/TOBAGO shirts they have sold out you cant get them nowhere. the quicker you lot go out the better for the game, and all the lager louts - hooligans - and the players head home in disgrace and let the rest of the footballing world enjoy the magic on the field from guys who can play great football.
        the new mars bar slogan (believe)it should say MAKE BELIEVE because if you lot think you have any chance of winning then you are all on cloud cuckoo land... HA HA HA

      • He let the country down in the world cup,,,,,, kicking out while having a quick lie down for a rest, remember? u must be one of the few if you cant, so i suppose only once but what a doosie, the whole country, good going becks, lol, over rated tart, he can deliver a long ball and takes good free kicks, he runs like a girl, cant dribble and tackles like my granny(who's dead by the way), as for always full of passion etc, many a time when England's having a bad time hes the first to start wondering about like a lost nomad with his head down and that stupid looking grimace on his face" don't wanna play no more" look. but hey what do i know about football, after all i originate from Manchester. Never let his country down, lol, you having a laugh.

      • it HAS to be Gerrard for me, he picked liverpool out of the gutter the last 2 finals he was in. passion is great but that passion has to come with action ( other than getting sent off ;-))


    • Steven Gerrard cause he got the will to win..the charistma and has been lifting trophies of late...

    • maybe t he queen should be the captain!!!!HHEEEE

    • Stevie,G, without a doubt, nobody has the drive and desire he has, i think he would be a outstanding captain.

    • More to the question.....who should manage England...Ehhhh!

    • Lampard. Second best player England has.

      Has the most desire to play football on the England squad, a proven winner, and would be the best leader.

      Rooney is to given to emotional fits at this stage in his career.

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