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    Upon which Radio Station can Expats listen to the WC in English??

    Upon which Radio Station can Expats listen to the WC in English?? The BBC Radio sports site only covers UK residents and I would love to be able to get some English commentry! Please help! I'm in France.

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    • I have done this little easy hack to listen from Spain :-
      1. In IE -> Choose Tools -> Choose Internet Options -> Go to Connections (tab) -> Press LAN Settings (button) -> mark the “Use a proxy server for your LAN…” -> In the IP Address field, enter the IP (use for US services, for UK services) -> In the Port field, enter the port (US - 8080, UK - 80) -> Press OK (button) -> Press OK again (button).

      2. For more IPs (proxy servers) from different countries, you can check out this site.

      3. If you’re having any problems, read the original, very detailed post here.

    • By the way the BBC are also doing live vidio streaming of some matches.

    • BBC radio live is what you need, if you listen to the first option you will get the copyright message. but if you listen to the UK users option you will get full coverage. You neeed to fool the site by altering your IP address. If you don't know how to do it download VPN trial version this will put an icon on your task bar, right click it and change the first 2 numbers of your IP address to 89, 89 is the UK. Good luck.

    • try radio scotland>>>>>heehee

    • A World Space Sattelite Radio receives TALK SPORT 24 hours a day. It works in most parts of world except USA and South America

    • if in northern france try 1089 or 1053 am, these national stations cover a masive area so if you in northern france have good chance of picking up. or visit this site and listen online http://www.bbc.co.uk/fivelive/
      good luck and enjoy the games. COME ON ENGLAND!!!!!

    • Right, CITRUSMANGO5, Ive found the official list of radio stations for the world basically, Ive downloaded it and if you want to get in touch ill gladly pass it on, One thing though its a PDF file so if you want it you ll have to have the Abode reader downloaded, but hey it there if you want it mate. L8er.

    • I'm at a loss, i saw your message earlier today and decided to have a gander on line, by god, its a hell of a task trying to find a station, i did find a list of stations in France that included sports stations but when i listened to them, music was blairing from them all.
      You might have more patience than me so here's the site with all the stations, www.discoverfrance.net , hope you manage to get sorted, stupid question probably but cant you get Talk Sport or any other UK sports station on line? (5 Live, 5 Live Extra, Etc).

    • Would also like to know. I have been searching the internet without success. http://www20.sbs.com.au/sbs_fromt/index:html gives commentary in 64 different languages starting with aboriginal but no English.