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    England never win anything!

    Be like us, the Argies! You'll never win anything if you play like you did today. You know why you miss penalties at the most important times? Because you have no 'cojones'! Google it ENGLISHMAN.

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    • Its #$%$ isnt it. I Hope that changes this time.

    • Hey we kicked your #$%$ in the Falklands war though didn't we?

      The British government should have been willing to treat the famine crisis in Ireland as an imperial responsibility and to bear the costs of relief after the summer of 1847. Instead, in an atmosphere of rising 'famine fatigue' in Britain, Ireland at that point and for the remainder of the famine was thrown back essentially on its own woefully inadequate resources.
      What, then, were the ideologies that held the British political élite and the middle classes in their grip, and largely determined the decisions not to adopt the possible relief measures outlined above? There were three in particular-the economic doctrines of laissez-faire, the Protestant evangelical belief in divine Providence, and the deep-dyed ethnic prejudice against the Catholic Irish to which historians have recently given the name of 'moralism'.
      'Moralism'-the notion that the fundamental defects from which the Irish suffered were moral rather than financial. Educated Britons of this era saw serious defects in the Irish 'national character'-disorder or violence, filth, laziness, and worst of all, a lack of self-reliance. This amounted to a kind of racial or cultural stereotyping. The Irish had to be taught to stand on their own feet and to unlearn their dependence on government.
      'Moralism' was strikingly evident in the various tests of destitution that were associated with the administration of the poor law. Thus labourers on the public works were widely required to perform task labour, with their wages measured by the amount of their work, rather than being paid a fixed daily wage. Similarly, there was the requirement that in order to be eligible for public assistance, those in distress must be willing to enter a workhouse and to submit to its harsh disciplines-such as endless eight-hour days of breaking stones or performing some other equally disagreeable labour. Such work was motivated by the notion that the perceived Irish national characteristic of sloth could be eradicated or at least reduced.
      This set of ethnic prejudices, which have now been abundantly documented, had the general effect of prompting British ministers, civil servants, and politicians to view and to treat the Catholic Irish as something less than fully human. Such prejudices encouraged the spread of 'famine fatigue' in Britain at an early stage, and they dulled or even extinguished the active sympathies that might have sustained political will - the will to combat the gross oppression of mass evictions, to alleviate the immense suffering associated with reliance on the poor-law system, and to grapple with the moral indefensibility of mass death in the midst of an absolute sufficiency of food.

    • still stalking me i see. can't live without me?

    • what the hell you think you are!! you think you are better than us! well I'm terribly sorry to inform you mate you are nothing more that a stupid pathetic sick and sad little man! I'm doubt you have a brain in if you have, it must turning into cheese!
      I laugh at your coment!! hahahaha!!!!!! Its soo lame!!! now #$%$!!!
      you #$%$ looser!!!

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      • I just wanna say

        argentina better football
        argentina better rugby
        argentina better polo
        argentina better tennis
        argentina better hockey
        better boxers etc.....

        and you guys only african that run fast....

        hahahhahha alright you wopn the world so what??? Is that a good thing??? Think about it don't be so ignorent look what is happening right now in irak( all is #$%$ up) the whole world is the same... For what????

        be your own country england(stop kissing #$%$ all around the world) specially your homeboys....

        they don' give a #$%$ about guys...

        go ireland!!!!!!!!!!!

        go argentina!!!!!!!!!!

        football is football

        life is only once enjoy it

        be argentinian....

        "the pope is german but god is argentinian"
        diego armando maradona

    • I have to say France my team didn't play well at all, but in the french paper you can read that France is not anymore a good team and they will have to improve a lot. Well..we are honest with ourselves, we haven't done well. England you won the first match thanks to an amazing first half. Yesterday you dind't play well at all. The Rooney effect was only 5 minutes. It was a boring match, and all the journalist and newspaper in Europe agree that even if you won you have to improve a lot and eeven Rooney is not a secret weapon. But SURPRISE, this morning when my wife(english) bought the Uk paper I ask her:Have they seen the same match: The only thing I have read was:Amazing match-Rooney the best- we are qualified-We are the best-2 amazing goals!!! I think you should do like us the french and realise that it is not as great at it looks, because if in future you have to leave in 1/4final it won't hurt so much. By the way it is also a lack of respect for all the english player what I read everyday and hear about Rooney. Football is a team game, if not why don't you leave Rooney on his own on the field and see what he can do! All the best, and as I live in Tenerife: I think this year is gonna be a Spanish year.!!! All the best against sweden, all the best for France and all the Best for Spain.

    • maradona the argie scot english man lmao ....all the guys coming to this board saying how good argentina are are probably scots pretending to be english.

    • Wanna cry about something? 'Freak'...good one. I like your style. Short and sweet...like your #$%$ (without the sweet bit).

    • we will do want you lot do then shall we, play hand ball, but we are good at winning wars 'goole that'

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