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  • Meirion Meirion Jun 27, 2006 08:52 Flag

    Aaron Lennon

    Anybody else think that he could be a key man for England? Errikson needs to overlook Beckham IMO (or at least use Lennon early in the second half - may solve the issue of 'rhythm') because pace is what Rooney feeds off...

    Which England player has shined recently? Joe Cole - pace and dribbling ability - if this was available on two flanks I really believe England's game would be strengthened - perhaps with Lampard being dropped for Carrick - who would drop back as Gerrard would venture forward. Then - you have the option of playing Crouch, maybe even keeping Lampard in midfield and playing Gerrard upfront (not so keen on that).

    Basically I think youth and pace is what England need, people talk about 'experience' but what about 'hunger'? I wish Errikson had done more with Wallcott. Imagine the kind of pace offered by Lennon, Rooney, Cole and Wallcott - a pipedream for now - maybe something for Euro 2008?

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