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  • Jon P Jon P Jul 2, 2006 01:52 Flag

    England losing to Portgual


    I just want to say, Portugal got lucky and Christiano Ronaldo- before the match, you where the most annoying player in the world, NOW- you're just a #$%$ Go and #$%$ die you piece of #$%$- you're not a footballer just a miserable #$%$. Any portugese reading this and find it offenseive- #$%$ off- and that goes to any england fans who find it offensive too

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    • England did not do thier best ,the coles ,lennon crouch did their best the rest were3 abysmal and could not wait to get back to their #$%$ in the hotel

    • couldnt have said it better meself.

    • I dont care who wins now as long as Ronaldo breaks his #$%$ leg or better still both of them.
      I feel sad for our lads they did their best !

    • Christiano Ronaldo winking at the bench as Rooney was sent off ...... simple every true English player should go out next season with one simple thought in mind ...... break the #$%$ greasy deago's legs any chance you get, #$%$ his career up for good, just surprised that no body has done it so far

    • What a load of aold PAnts- ON with The counter strike.

    • Out of the teams left, I'd rather France win. Cos, Portugal have Cristiano Ronaldo (and by the way, I cant wait to watch him cry when he gets his #$%$ handed to him), Germany are... well... Germany... and its okay if Italy win too, but I'd choose france over them for the way France has been playing- they've shown the good old english spirit to get up when everyone's tryign to put you down- NOT UNLIKE the england team in this cup.

    • #$%$ ,it fits you well

    • You know. I live here overseas and ALL us English live and love to support ENGLAND. We are proud to be English. However as i get older I we find ourselves becoming less and less proud of the game of football. it is no longer the game of 1966. The footballers dive, call for every throwin and dispute any decision which they know is wrong. As for some of the referees..why oh why are they allowed on the pitch. Go the way of Rugby and bring in a video ref! Then at least the ref would see 'The wink of God' performed by Ronaldo after running 40 metres to call for a red card against what Rooney had done which he could never have seen! Or perhaps the handball after Beckham had played ther ball in. I am sorry but with footballers being coached to dive and to lie then it is about time we called in surveillance..we have enough cameras in our cities and on our roads, surelu a few more on the pitch can only be beneficial. Finally GROW UP FIFA before the world gets fed up with your stupid endorsment of referees who are no good. In every profession managers can be replaced,,,maybe the aging FIFA officials better look carefully at what they are doing to football because it is not waht i used to be....all the players think about now is fame, money anf glory and hence of course eveil will prevail.. COME ON ENGLAND and all the teams do something about this shoddy refereeing and bring on the video ref. R .Miles

    • What? We offended for winning...........thanks for training Cristiano Ronaldo ;)

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