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  • Erik Erik Aug 11, 2006 22:29 Flag

    Bye-bye Becks?

    David Beckham has been left out of Steve McClaren's first England squad. Was Beckham's time up or should he have been included? And what about the other additions to the new England manager's squad? Lennon, Ashton, Dawson, Young etc… Is this a sign of things to come or is McClaren simply getting a feel for the job? Tell us what you think...

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    • i am not english, but i somehow follow the EPL very closely. these are some of observations about england's performance in the last WC, as well as the new direction that mcclaren is presenting:

      1. lampard. he tried too hard, did not work well with his team mates.
      2. the lampard-gerrard duo doesn't work, period. i am not sure if this is a question of egos or just mutual dislike, footbollistically speaking, of course.
      2. john terry. he made some rookie mistakes and w/o pressure! ouch, lucky him that the other teams did not capitalize on his mistakes.
      3. wayne rooney... come on! the problem is not beckham, it's ROONEY and his lack of control. his behavior has proven to be the most harmful to his club and to the national team as well. had he behaved himself... who knows how far could've gone in the WC!
      4. beckham out of the national squad? in my humble opinion beckham was england's most efficient player in the WC... hadn't it been for him england could've been out earlier in the competition... how soon people forget!
      5. selecting a coach whose club that was badly beaten in the UEFA cup final leaves serious doubts in my mind. his club had the individual quality... what failed?
      6. so.... what would i have done differently? first of all, england and the EPL play differently, engladn needs to do what it does best, physical play, fast pace, lots of balls to the box... that's the EPL's style, why change it?

      that's all for now folks, god save the team!

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      • Everyone critised Ericcson for playing Beckham when he played badly and never taking him off. Everyone critisized Ericcson when he played a team of stars that didnt perform and never made changes.

        In comes Maclaren and everyone critisises him for making a call and trying to take the team in the new direction.

        English fans (I am one) need to stop whining and just accept it is time to change and try new things. Beckham had 10 years to use his influence to get us some silverwear and we never looked like winning anything.

        I am not pro or anti Maclaren but will give him a go and reserve judgement. Its harsh to judge on one Euro final performance.

        As for the Rooney bashing, how predictable. He is not a liability for any team, he just lost his cool, end of story and I doubt he will do it again in an England shirt, just like Beckham in 98. Rooney is quality and he will win games, so he should play, just not up front alone.

        Beckham will be 33 nearly 34 by Euro 2008, and if Lennon or any of the other youngsters dont get time to mature we will be hanging Maclaren out to dry when we dont go far enough for playing players past their prime.

        Lets just see what happens.

    • I think the decision was made far too early! Becks is a great role model for football, and to leave him out of the team is a big mistake, now we are left with a young team and the likes of John Terry as captain and Rooney, they maybe good players but personnaly I don't think they will sell England as a football team. And as role models to children? again no!
      The decline of football is here!

    • I think it wasnt Becks time to go at all and I believe that McClaren has got it wrong because the youngsters that he is thinking of bringing in need a strong personality to help meld into the England side and I believe that David Beckham was it. No offence to John Terry and Lampard. I also think that with ditching the older more experienced players and just leaving the youngsters in will set back the England squad for a few years as they will need time to gel together and with that I think that we will not get to the Euros but if we do then we wont get past the group stages let alone win it. But I am willing to be proved wrong!
      But anyway, good-bye Beckham! you have served us well and I am truly greatful to what you have given the team! Goodluck with your life!!! McClaren WE ARE WATCHING YOU!!! SVEN FOR ENGLAND MANAGER!!!!!

    • Why keep an oiyk like Wayne and dismiss a loyal gent like Becks.I think the new coach is a disaster already

    • It´s time for Beck´s to move over. I don´t think he should be droped from the team compleatly yet but we do have good young players ready to step in.

    • beckham should have been dropped 2 or 3 years back i still believe he had something on sven and maybe one day it will come out he was to slow,could not tackle,run with the ball and i believe stopped gerard and lampard playing like they should, i counted in one game the amount of passes he made out of 23 only 2 went to an england player and that was just the first half i gave up counting

    • If it is time to say goodbye, let's just say he was and is...pure poetry on the field

    • Well, based on McClarens press conference if it wasn't for the fact that Venables was on the team I don't think I would even bother watching England again. Unpleasant agressive dictators never win anything, they always lose. As for Becks, last season both Ronaldo and Roberto Carlos, they should know, said Becks was the best player at Real Madrid. Roberto Carlos said he has never known a situation where one player directly made or created more then half the goals scored by a team over a whole season. (See Real's website.)Should he be dropped from England? I think he should have retired from Internationals when he resigned as captain. Probably time for him and England to move on. Did that McClaren bloke have to be so obnoxious? He's born to fail without Venables, and I don't think Venables will put up with him for long anyway, he'll leave in no time.

    • I for one am quite glad to see Beckham out of the squad. I don't for one minute think that its the last we'll see of him on the international scene but at least he now knows that he has to fight for his spot in the team. hopefully we'll see a bit of an improvement in his game. However, the ommission of Becks is good for Lennon who had a great World Cup. I really hope we'll get to see more of him. And if Becks were to come back perhaps he could play in the central role alongside Gerrard (give Lamps a chance to think about all his missed shots...).

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      • I'm very pleased that Beckham has been dropped. He stifled play in the team as all moves had to go through him and then all he did was lob long balls forward - easily telegraphed to the opposition!! Now can we loose the liability that is Rooney? Until he can control his temper he is never going to be anything more than a major liability to the team. Why the hype about him? He never scored in the qualifiers and his inclusion in the team excluded a fit player!