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  • Its said he has a broken leg? Out for the Europe qualifiers. Who would you chose to replace him whilst injured? Lets hope its not as bad as it sounds and wish him a speedy recovery...

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    • parkers playd better than any other english defensive midfielder over last few years

    • Michael Carrick can shield the defence, win, hold and accurately pass to forwards, in the absence of Hargreaves.

      And in the central midfield attacking berth (the guy who Carrick covers for)... (?)

      Scrap Frank Lampard. Either he is a great energetic attacker with consistency to score lots of goals and play blindingly OR he is an overrated player with mild technical ability who is given the chance to shine purely because he had Claude Makelele (who I still think is the worlds best player in the midfield holding role) to sweep up.

      I don;t want to get drawn up in the Frank Lampard is terrible debate but i'll say: If he was good. Then he has lost his form considerably, looks well short of world class despite being voted world's second best midfielder behind Ronaldinho. Failed to shine miserably on the world stage, score a goal, or keep possession.

      Re: Back to Carrick;

      who should be covering Gerrard (in offensive mode) not Lampard in the centre. If needs be, Stevie can do both. He is energetic enough at defending (chases when England don't have the ball) to proactively help break up attacks and talented enough to drive the team forward.

      Joe Cole and Aaron Lennon (Who both showed so much promise at the world cup) who love to pin down defenders by running at them to occupy the wings.

    • I'm not saying drop Lamps forever! but you'd have to agree that he's not at his best - maybe he needs a break, after all, the guy's played quite a bit of football with not much rest this year. You're right, Becks is pretty emotional but I still think he deserves another chance.

    • Why not give Michael Carrick a go in Hargreaves' position? I definately think that Lampard should be dropped for now - he's obviously seriously under par right now - he can always come back when (if!) he regains his form. Bring back Becks for his crossing and set pieces - after all he did win us 2 games in Germany whatever you think of him! If Gerrard stay in front he can always drift in front of Becks as well and hopefully crack in a few!