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  • LEX LEX Oct 12, 2006 06:57 Flag

    The Problem with McClaren

    we have good individuel players
    but the sad fact is that i have not seen a manager who has been able to mold a team since alf ramsey,
    cos at the end of the day it is not individuels that make a team but the sumation of all the parts.
    stop tinkering stick to our own way of playing( thought the team looked lost tonight) inject some pace lampard is very predicable play 433 in my view
    dont take off the tall guy(crouch) when you bring on the wingers bring them all on together with 20 mins to go The FA are to blame cos all they want is a yes man not a proper manager otherwise they would have had O'Neil who might at least have motivated them

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    • You are too true.

      I saw a lot of internationals over the last week and it is all about rhythm and players who don't usually play together linking up and doing the team thing rather than the individual thing.

      Brasil v Ecuador was the perfect example. Brasil were rabble in the first half because they couldn't link together.

      Dare I say the Manager is more important at International level because he has to mould a group of high priced individuals into a team.

      This is something that copious English managers have failed to do since 1966.

      The few times they have moulded together, they have been unlucky to fall in penalty shoot-outs.

      English players do not play as well for Country as they do for Club and the question has to be asked. Why?