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    The Problem with McClaren

    We all know of the poor England performance against Macedonia, but it runs deeper than that. For me the decision to make mcClaren as manager really did not add up, afterall apart from the carling cup, what else did he do with Middlesborough? Heavy investment no return, infact if you cast your mind back a few months before his appointment he was rather lucky to keep his job at all.

    The Macedonia result, just exposed the problems we have as "team England", because up to now, the football has not been all inspiring to say the least, apart from a first half against Greece, which to be honest they were appalling especially at the back, and what was McClarens position in the summer when England were a joke!

    The position needed a authoritive and tactical person, that can get the best out of the crop of players we have before they get too old. As a person that watched England through Spain 82 until the summer, and all their friendlies, I am beginning to feel why should I bother at all, as we are subjected to the same dire performances with players that can not pass, and with a manager who has no answers, but hey, we are world beaters with excuses, so what will be the excuse tonight!!
    Your views please

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    • we have good individuel players
      but the sad fact is that i have not seen a manager who has been able to mold a team since alf ramsey,
      cos at the end of the day it is not individuels that make a team but the sumation of all the parts.
      stop tinkering stick to our own way of playing( thought the team looked lost tonight) inject some pace lampard is very predicable play 433 in my view
      dont take off the tall guy(crouch) when you bring on the wingers bring them all on together with 20 mins to go The FA are to blame cos all they want is a yes man not a proper manager otherwise they would have had O'Neil who might at least have motivated them

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      • You are too true.

        I saw a lot of internationals over the last week and it is all about rhythm and players who don't usually play together linking up and doing the team thing rather than the individual thing.

        Brasil v Ecuador was the perfect example. Brasil were rabble in the first half because they couldn't link together.

        Dare I say the Manager is more important at International level because he has to mould a group of high priced individuals into a team.

        This is something that copious English managers have failed to do since 1966.

        The few times they have moulded together, they have been unlucky to fall in penalty shoot-outs.

        English players do not play as well for Country as they do for Club and the question has to be asked. Why?

    • More worrying is when after the match McClaren is under the impression that we were controlling the the game.He is also under the impression that we have a selection of players better than Beckham. Exactly who are these world class players?
      If this is the post Beckham era, I can't wait for the post McClaren era.

    • Just realised that you can voice an opinion.....did't see this before. As I just said in an email to you....lack of talent breeds the worst negative critics.

    • mclaren-hes scottish thats it keep up the good work stevie boy.the tartan army luv ya

    • I think that maybe in the next friendly england should experiment with the players. Try some new faces in the line up, the manager is not taking any real risks.

      Germany did it in the summer and had some good results, Lippi done it with Italy and they won the world cup. Players should be picked on merit and not on name.

      England management team need to be more bold. If your gonna get fired then go out with all gun blazes don't wimper like Sven and get nowhere really.