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  • Why Why Oct 12, 2006 03:31 Flag

    Inspirational Leader

    Where was the inspirational leader who would lead by example tonight?

    you know, the one we were promised when McLaren made Terry his captain.


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    • Terry an inspiarational leader, that must be the joke of the year, at the moment despte the fact that pundits refuse to criticise hime he's not even worth his place. Take the captaincy off him and he might revert back to being a half decent player.

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      • Reg, when england play 4 at the back they are solid
        and i always think that the captain should be a defender, or central midfield player.
        Terry is a good defender not world class but a fair bit above average.
        He was caught out of position last night covering for cashley cole who also is an above average defender but a poor wing back!!
        England have changed formation they did so during the last world cup 442 433 and 451 but not the ill concived plan Maclaren came up with, thanks to that stupid system we lost! and robinson saved us from losing by a hatful frankly but for him it might have been a cricket score
        I wonder what match you were watching, it is in midfield and attack we have our biggest problems

      • Eugh this board needs moderating, take idiots posts like this one off.

        Offer NOTHING to a discussion.


    • The lead should first come from the bench and then from the captain, the present bench is not qualified enough to understand international football and please don't reply mwntioning Terry Venables, he hasn't any say in the matter and he's only second choise to Alan Shearer who didn't accept the job.
      The problem with the present England set up is the same as world champion Italy is facing,yes SIR Managers have been appointed because it suits the respective Federations, not because they're up to the task and here we have the results.

      We keep falling in the same old English media trap, new manager, he's English and we beat ANDORRA at home, suddenly we are great again, we're going to win Euro 2008 and then the world cup in 2010, how many time have we seen this!!
      We need a reality check!! English football is full of talent and has some outstanding individual, but most of them are not world beaters and can only succeed through strong and knowledgeble group management.
      Terry is an honest and willing defender, but he hasn't got pace and he looks fantastic for Chelsea because of the people around him and especially because of Makalele in front of him, unless Mc Laren can supply the same format around him for England, Terry's lack of pace will always be exposed.
      Lampard, why doesn't the manager realise that he's been under perfoming for 18 months and he's hindering the team, it's not as if England hasn't got enough replacements for Lampard!! There is simply a lack of managerial vision and tactical knowledge!

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      • The fact is, and this is not a racist comment, that there are far too many foreigners in the English game and not enough young, home grown talent coming through the ranks. We need to limit the number of foreign players to four per team, this way when someone has a lousy game there are at least three or four young, hungry players nipping at the heels of the players in question. The current squad know that as long as they are fit they are an automatic choice for a manager that is out of his depth!

    • Covering for the ballsed up system that was changed for some unknown reason when we had kept 6 clean sheets and looked rock solid defensively.

      Whilst there are people like Maverick, who REFUSE to forget their neandethal tribal football side when England play, we will never win anything.

      For some reason they dont see how ridiculous they look when they single out Terry and Lampard and somehow dont realise how they completely negate their points.

      Because instantly you know its a Liverpool or Man u or maybe even an Arsenal fan and then you cant take their point seriously.

      The WHOLE teams been playing poorly.

      Gerrards been poor
      Lampards Been poor
      Carricks been poor
      Rooneys been exceptionally poor
      Crouch has been poor

      The only ones excluded from blame ARE the defenders mostly since before yesterday they had kept 6 clean sheest and before the system change never looked like they were going to concede, thus making the blame, a midfield lacking in form and a poor strikeforce lacking in form.

      No it wasnt Terrys or Lampards fault you dumb retarded person who doesnt deserve to be an England fan it was a team and selection problem, quite clearly.

      Of course you have trouble recognising the difference between clubs and country dont you.

      Either forget the club side during internationals or dont bother supporting England.

      And dont try defending yourself because if you disagree with what I have just said, you are wrong.


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      • Well we have no doubt about you being a Chealsea fan!!
        Funny because I'm too, this however doesn't impede me from recognising that Lampard has been so out of form that he really shouldn't be in the line up.
        As for Terry, he's a great leader and a good defender, but he lacks pace and if England are not going to provide him with the same protection he enjoys at Chelsea, there is no point playing him on difficult away fictures!

        The problem is that there are to many players out of form at the moment and the qualities of a great manager are seen at such times when unpopular changes have to be made in the interest of results and performances.
        I desagree with you about the defence having been solid before last night!! If an England defence is not solid against Andorra then forget it! They were far from solid and quite lucky against Macedonia!

    • Sitting on the bench at Real Madrid.
      Bring back Becks.

    • making sure his socks covered his knees most of the time, the rest of the time he was covering for cashley who got caught out more times than i have had hot dinners tonight