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  • LEX LEX Oct 13, 2006 09:12 Flag

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    Reg, when england play 4 at the back they are solid
    and i always think that the captain should be a defender, or central midfield player.
    Terry is a good defender not world class but a fair bit above average.
    He was caught out of position last night covering for cashley cole who also is an above average defender but a poor wing back!!
    England have changed formation they did so during the last world cup 442 433 and 451 but not the ill concived plan Maclaren came up with, thanks to that stupid system we lost! and robinson saved us from losing by a hatful frankly but for him it might have been a cricket score
    I wonder what match you were watching, it is in midfield and attack we have our biggest problems

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    • "Reg, when england play 4 at the back they are solid"

      NO - when England play rubbish teams ranked outside the top 100 teams in world football they are solid!

      Terry gets caught jumping underneath the ball too much for my liking.

      The recent game isn't the first time it's cost us a goal - remember Sweden? watch the goals again and tell me that Terry didn't jump underneath the ball for the second goal.

      When we had Sol Campbell, and before that Tony Adams, balls into the box were cleared. Corners, free-kicks, long throws - not just cleared, but cleared out of the danger zone, and frequently out of our half.

      I just don't feel confident with Terry and Ferdinand. I don't know the answer because Carragher is now too old to consider giving a long run in the team because he'll be past his best by the next world cup - maybe King and Ferdinand (Anton) need a run out together???!!

      We should be building for the next World Cup instead of the constant 2 year rush between WC and European Cup to 'build a team'.

      Drop the older players NOW. By the next World Cup:

      Gary Neville will be 35
      Phil Neville will be 34
      Lampard will be 32! (this surprised me)
      Carragher will be 32

      Why are we trying out Carragher now - if he's not good enough now to command a place, he won't be when he's 32.

      The Lampard v Gerrard debate would be finished once and for all, and we could build a team around Gerrard in centre midfield.

      The Neville's are a great story for your grandchildren in 20-30 years time - 'Don't worry if you're not that good at football, I remember seeing Gary and Phil Neville play for England' of course, they won't believe you, and when you tell them that Gary got over 80 caps, they will pack you off to the funny farm, but it's a great fairy story.

      Can someone please put them with the pixies and tooth fairies!!