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  • darren darren Oct 12, 2006 04:43 Flag

    Come Back Graham Taylor

    my god if thats the best we have we are in serious trouble, totaly flat, no drive in midfield, a captain who seems more interested in keeping his socks over his knees and a manager who is only interested in being 'one of the boys' rather than laying down the law. Beckham should of been recalled after Gerrard was suspended and i aint a fan of Beckham but you cant argue with his pedigree, as for Downing being an international!!! like i said bring back Taylor, may as well if downings world class!!!!

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    • The reference to Taylor and Downing in the same post is interesting. Taylor was another manager (as I guess they all are) who had his favourites irrespective of form. For Taylor it was Sinton. For Robson it was Barnes. And which manager was it who always picked Trevor Steven?

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      • Turnip V Macdonut
        we have not had a decent manager since Alf Ramsey.
        All the FA want is a yes man.
        I want to start a petition to sack the FA board for gross incompetance.
        1) they cant orgainise the building of a national stadium on time or on buget
        2) bareing you #$%$ is much more detrimental to the game than blatent cheating(according to FA)
        3) they have choosen so many bad managers our national team is a laughing stock.
        4) they are still paying SVEN
        how much more incompetant do they have to be ????