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  • carlton carlton Oct 12, 2006 06:24 Flag

    O dear England

    Sorry guys and girls lets all have a moan about England. What a bunch of over rated monkeys. We were playing well when it was 4-4-2 with Crouch upfront and Gerrard just behind but as soon as Rooney has finshed his ban then lets get him back. Remember that saying "if it aint broke". It's like at Real Madrid, it doesnt matter if you have all the talent its how your team play together!! I dont know if anyone agrees but I honestly think that Frank Lampard for the last few months has played absolute #$%$. Michael CArrick has played #$%$ given his chances. Can you imagine what will happen when Michael Owen is fit!! I dont blame Paul Robinson for the 2nd goal what a #$%$ pitch. He did however have a "David Seaman" on the 1st. Gary Neville your old mate. Stewart Downing you have done nothing given ur chances either.o and we only have one left back in Ashley Cole...hang on a minute what about Wayne Bridge. Take a look at some of the other teams around the world i.e Croatia. those players played you off the pitch and they get half a quarter of what u monkeys get. At this moment your pathetic and as for Steve Mclaren....if you want to change tactics do it in a friendly not a bloody qualifier. well thats my rant for tonight.