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  • Erik Erik Oct 12, 2006 15:50 Flag

    What went wrong???

    Do we blame McClaren? Do we blame Robinson? Or is it in fact the whole team that we should be blaming?

    McClaren and Robinson are taking most of the stick with this one. However, I think that we're doing what we always do - looking for easy scapegoats. Robinson kept England in the game in the first half. However, it doesn't necessarily excuse his mistakes.

    Have McClaren's tactics let us down? Is he the right man for the job? And ultimately, what do we do now? How can we fix these issues? Do we ring back Beckham? Do we make some major squad changes and if so, who do we bring in? Is Robinson still the right man for the goalkeeper's jersey?

    Share your thoughts now!

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    • alex brooks is so fat

    • There is only one answer about maclaren?? He should never have got the job in the first place
      one man and one man alone should have been appointed manager BIG SAM ALLIDICE
      But the old lags at H/Q r too scared of him....
      (Arsenal Fanatic)

    • the team is nowere near as good as the english make out they r all over rated, just bcos they r from england they r valued at stupid amounts of money.

    • McClaren is not the right man for the job,I think Beckham should be in the team

    • What went wrong is the same problem we had since Sven Goran got the job and appointed Mclaren as is assistant.We have the same team of players for more than five years palying together and they prove that they can not produce a good football and can not be trusted as a team to win a major tournment. I think the person to blame is the manager because he knows the story of this team ,he spend a lot of time with them as assistant manager and he knows this combination of player doesn't work. why keep selecting the same players?
      Why not try or give other players the chance?
      I think he need to get a big decision to drop other big names who are not perfoming well instead of giving them differents roles which they can not fulfill.

    • Yes, we always seem 2 look 4 Scapegoats. Croatia were obviously just 2 good 4 us on that night. Whether Steve McLaren is the right man for England is debatable - let's give him a good chance....
      Re: the squad, why not let's keep to a 4-4-2, or 4-3-3 formation, depending how much we need 2 score and win the game. The 4-5-1 has mostly failed to work, viz in this year's World Cup, at least....
      Re: Robinson's (and other's) mistakes, is McLaren's apparent policy of going only 4 younger players for the future working? I don't think so, so far! He should easily recall David James - look how solid and reliable he has been for Portsmouth lately - were you watching at Spurs v Pompey, Ray Clemence??? (or Chelsea v Pompey) And why not give David Beckham another chance, at least?? Surely, the best way forward has got 2 b, a good mix of youth AND experience.......

    • Let's be honest here, McClaren was 2nd choice and shouldn't have been that! No proven track record/success he should have stayed at Old Trafford and learned from the Master. The only person who should have been given that job and was NEVER even mentioned was Peter Taylor. He was responsible for nurturing most of those players through the 'learning' phase at U-21 and has again been responsible for the current crop of up and coming youngsters. Who better to oversee the transition period of outgoing 'oldies' and incoming 'newbies'?
      As for Beckham his only problem was that he wanted to be the centre of attention and take every kick especially dead ball situations. Defences sussed him and, overall, his success/completion ratio was rubbish!
      Two other suggestions I'd like to put forward are 1) Stop paying the players and let them play for PRIDE - they can earn enough in sponsorship. IT SHOULD BE AN HONOUR TO PLAY FOR YOUR COUNTRY! and 2) Get shot of all the 'hangers on'. All those people who weren't any good in their own time trying to tell the current crop how to play the modern game, absolutely ridiculous! These players play for the finest teams under the best coaches. I never rated Howard Wilkinson but his vision for a National Training Centre was a half decent idea but again the wasters at F.A. Headquarters have seen that off. The only 'suckers' here are us poor fans who continually throw money into their pockets!

    • Learn a few things. England is strong, with names, not on the pitch...unless a good tactic is played.
      3-5-2 is very dood one but not 5-3-2. That was a problem. A full back can not play in 3-5-2. And also what is a problem. ENGLISH TRADITION. Players are waiting to be embarrassed to stop playing for a national team.

    • It's not a new problem...England always believe the hype ..they're never as good as when they are being called worldbeaters by the press and fans.The so called world class players in the team should play like they are.
      It's typical arrogance to think they only have to turn up to beat 'lesser' teams.

    • I think McClaren has made a fundamental mistake by sidelining Beckham. Becham gave up he captainship, not the playing for the nation. McClaren, you must think of bringing Beckham back. He is still good. If you follow the poor judgement of Fergusson in releasing Beckham, you will bite your own finger for nothing. Get him back into the national squad, please!

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