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  • Reon Reon Oct 12, 2006 18:41 Flag

    Robinson - What's the Deal?

    I really don't get it, why are the tabloids blasting Robinson? - some going as far as blaming the whole defeat on him and McClaren, it seems idiotic to say the least.

    The first goal granted - he was a little at fault, but the second was just plain bad luck. They're saying that he should have known the ball was going to hit a divet and therefore calculated that fact? insane.

    The Mirror even ran a poll asking if Robinson shoulf be dropped!? Do these people know anything about football at all? After reading them for years I think the answer is a definate NO. The even more crazy thing is that 33% said yes he should be dropped! I wonder who they think should be drafted in to replace him? David James perhaps as we all know he is a very reliable goalkeeper who would never gaff!

    The blame should be shared around McClaren and every team member - I for one am losing the will to live watching dire performance after dire performance - and the manager sticking with the exact same players who contribute to our downfalls every match. The same as Sven. The only teams we look good against are the ones who haven't scored goal for 10 years or have never had a competitive win against anyone.

    It really is time for change - and the midfield is the heart of the problem - I can never see Lampard fitting in anywhere in the England set up so I'm afraid he has to go - a shame because he is a good player in the right team - but England is not the right team. Some creativity is needed one of SWP, J Cole or A Lennon have to be in the starting lineup somewhere.

    If England played well with heart and lost I would be disapointed of course but would not mind, knowing they gave it their best shot - but to produce these sort of performances is not acceptable and makes me sick to the stomach.

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    • I watched the match all the way from Malaysia and admired the way Paul Robinson made so many fine saves. My heart really went out to him when I saw the goals go in, especially the second one, which he couldn't have done anything about. I know he'd feel terrible and maybe blame himself, when he shouldn't, but I was shocked to read of so many English fans who blame him for England's loss!! England would have conceded many more goals but for his wonderful saves and he should be thanked instead of slated!!

    • Robinson was best player if not for 5-6 good saves we would have lost by a cricket score

    • i strongly agree with u but the person who should be at fault for that is gary nevill cos at the end of the day wat was e thinkin passin it bak when it should of bin cleared nice comment kidda like they say u cant blame a individual you have to blame the whole team wat a let down after that abismal performance at the week end wat was maclaren doin playin practically the same team the same team that gave a below parr performance wat are u views on that